Unclean! Unclean!


Ok. I've pretty much kept mum about it but I realize now that I just can't sit back and hold my opinions in.

Mixing Transformers and Star Wars as Hasbro has done is an unholy abomination that is just ugly as all hell.

Yes. An unholy abomination!!!

In the eyes of nature and gods it is an abomination as unholy as mixing Kool-Aid and Wyler's together in one pitcher.

There is a little known book in the The Apocrypha that documents Jesus' younger years and in which he turns milk into Kool-Aid. The younger John-Not-Yet-The-Baptist, prefers Wyler's drink mix and mixes Wyler's into Jesus' pitcher.

Jesus looks at him and announces that "For my Father said that unto you thy powdered drink mixes should not be one. For in the eyes of my Father the resulting abomination is unclean. Even for menstruating lepers."

This is the same thing that Hasbro has down with making Star Wars Transformers.


But you gotta love how Boba Fett became a fat guy, like Energon Prime. Makes me shudder to think what they're gonna do with my favorite character, Chewie.

I'm sorry, my time with Star Wars is so far behind me I just can't see this one through fanboy eyes. I haven't watched the movies since the Special Editions came out. And I don't drop my ducats for just anything emblazoned with the TF logo. Only about 80% of it.

It is all so disgusting.

As I recall, the photo of the Boba Fett Transformer actually brought laughs from the audience when it was unveiled at BotCon. Who knew Boba Fett had a beer gut.

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