And then Sara bonked Hot Rod on the head.

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So maybe if I find time over the holiday I'll get some time devoted to fleshing out the plot of Transformers: Splintered a bit more.

Evebird brings it up every now and then and while I have to get my specific chronology down, I think it might be time to get more of plot issues resolved and see if my story beats will work.

Probably not. I suck at this. But that's not the point.

I keep writing this as if there's a storyboard to go along with it much like my old school animation days but I don't possess the talent or possess any other techniques to work with right now.

Then again, getting the plaster redone in the master bedroom is more important in the scheme of things so perhaps I'll just work more on this in 2006 and let the notes keep piling up in a chaotic form until then.

Yes. Painting comes first.

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