Cybertron Backstop kinda sucks the balls. Even for a basic.


Now if you know me at all you then you know that I really can't knock on Transformer basics, the low end of the price range for Transformers figures.

But man oh man, a figure was released that really has made me realize I have to verbalize the amount of balls that are sucked in this guy.

And he goes by the name of Cybertron Backstop.

Backstop Alt Mode

Backstop is an Autobot with a Rhinocheros beast alternative mode. And he's generally one ugly mother fucker!

Alt Mode

He's more or less a ballish shape with a red "horn" jutting out of his head. His force chip gimmick activates the horn to shoot out as a weapon. I'm no fan of the gimmicks in my toys other than transformation so I don't care at all about this.

His rhino mode is really the only visually pleasing way to display him. And only if he's looked down on and not up at. For you see, Backstop suffers from "head on one shoulder, ass on the other" syndrome common to man 1990s Transformers. This results in his left arm and hand basically just folding under his rhino mouth. Balls ugly!

Backstop Bot Mode

Bot Mode

While I don't mind the rhino mode that much he completely falls apart for me in bot mode.

Like most basics one can't expect too much and Backstop delivers in spades on this one.

His rhino legs basically just attach to form the bot legs (they can't even turn frontways to make the rhino toes face properly in bot mode) and the arms and hands just sorta flip outta the head and ass. Hell, his left "hand" is just a big old piece of ass and not a proper hand at all. Worse than even Longrack who has no proper hands but I've learned to live with.

The head then just flips over out of the torso.

The gimmick works in this mode but the chip just looks ugly no matter which mode it is used in. (Yay for useless gimmicks!)

Color Palette

Now I can't reall knock the color palette at all. He's predominantly dark grey, with red and orange/yellow areas here and there with a trim of dark grey/almost black.

But he's too ugly to look at in way other than rhino mode.

While I think kids may buy him because he's a beast I think his total "suckitude" as a bot will make him a purchase that is regretted. Especially if Frowny buys him.


Overall, I'm getting zero wood from Backstop. Absolutely nothing. At least I usually get slightly erect at the basics because you often can't go wrong.

Save your money and by the Clocker redeco known as Swerve. I think he rocks some major balls!


Yeah. . . I've been collecting pretty much the entire show cast of Cybertron, and I just can't make myself buy him. I pick it up, I look at it for two minutes, then I think "This is six bucks that'll buy me a sandwich. And something to drink." I know if I buy him he'll just replace Universe Soundwave as the worst transformer I own.

Still, it's nice that there's something in the line even more cringe worthy than Prime's "Savage Claw" mode. . . and I still think Swerve looks like the Batmobile for Alpha Flight.

Since I posted this, I have to say that there's something strange about him that makes you kind of eventually like him.

He's totally fugly, but there's something about him that grows on you.

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