Cybertron Thunderblast and Brimstone

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Cybertron Thunderblast and Brimstone

On a rare geek run run with Giga and Evebird I found the of the Cybertron figures I wanted least: the shellformer Thunderblast and the way too colored Brimstone.

Unfortunately they were acquired from the W place that I hate to buy from but alas, that was the only store out of oh so many other places we travelled that had them.

Hell. With yesterday's crack and these 2 there was really only new stuff in 2 stores... and only those 2. Nothing more except shelves and pegs of old shit. Target did have that big ass Starscream for $22 still so Evebird bought one. I wish I would have waited too. Oh well.

Numbers in Collection: 1492, 1493

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