Cybertron Swindle, Backstop, and Swerve


Cybertron Swindle, Backstop, and Swerve

A quick detour this evening to the WeBeToys resulted in finding Cybertron Swindle, Backstop, and Swerve. I was rather shocked because I didn't expect to find anything remotely new.

What sucks the major balls is that Target had that big ass Starscream for $22. I know I should have waited. You would have thought I would have learned my lesson with Armada Unicron's adventures in shelf-warming too. Grrr...

If the mini-cons I ordered arrive this week I will definitely hit 1500 figures by end of year.

Bad craziness.

Numbers in Collection: 1489, 1490, 1491


So does Backstop blow anywhere near as much as I think he does?

(And the missing variable here is: even more than Armada Sideswipe.)

I have yet to open him.

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