Needs me some one-off Binaltechs.


I'm so debating about buying a Binaltech BT-01A Red Alert and preordering the Binaltech Broadcast.

Binaltech Skids at least doesn't appear to have the shitty paint job that Hasbro is using. The flames on a Scion are just the dumbest thing in the world. And the huge Scion letters? Ugh.

I have my doubts that Hasbro will release Red Alert in the Alternatores line since they are going to reuse the Subaru as Richochet/Stepper. Odds are that Hasbro won't release the blue Acura Prowl either so I may as well snag the Takara version too.


I'd think about it before going on impulse. All I'm hearing about the BT* line is that the quality control is the worst it's ever been, to the point that they're missing several paint apps and nothing lines up like it's supposed to. I found that out too late, and now I have a Sunstreaker on its way.

Takara's been fucking up as of late.

I'm right there with ya on Skids. And I'm probably going to buy Alert, even though I'm really underwhelmed with the appearance of the toy. The head looks like Cliffjumper, the body looks like Smokescreen, and the colors look like Prowl. Pretty crummy rendition of my boy, Red. Oh well. It could be worse. Like Windcharger.

Wow, Evebird, I didn't know you had a thing for paranoid schitzophrenics. I got my BT* Sunstreaker, and nothing seems to be wrong with the one I got. So I guess it's kind of a gamble. . .

Oh, and the little pilots suck. Just no reason for them, other than jumping the price 5 bucks.

The "pilots" look like they are from some other line and just renamed after female human TF characters.

I think Junku (or whatever) what the woman in Car Robots who drove the little red sports car that Speedburner had the hots for.

And Mr. E. has the massive Pat Lee Red Alert/Inferno poster in his office. He's even got his Alternators up too.

I just have my 5 ft Robert Smith "Boys Don't Cry" poster up. No TFs.

OMG, I had that poster in college! I also had the one of Robert Smith and Siouxsie when he was their guitarist for one album. Unfortunately, both were lost to the clutches of old girlfriends.

There's just something "essential" about the Boys Don't Cry poster.

Then again. I'm just and mid-30s geek-loser so what the hell do I know.

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