Bear with me while I try and get this site's design fully implemented.

What I liked about the other site just isn't working for me here. But I think I'll stay with the blues/purples this time around.

Maybe by Friday night I can have it done. Giger'll be at the movies anyway so I'll have time to spend on it.


Like we spend time together in the evenings anyway?

I like this format. It's simple and looks nice.

True. But I do think about you. Doesn't that count for something?

Not to get myself in the middle of your domestic, but the new design sure is se-x-x-x-y.

He's just stating a fact.

I have spent a lot of time in the Attic as of late.

The past 2 weeks have mostly been trying to solve problems at work.

I'm also trying to get my sites fixed.

I just haven't been much for television or tivo or anything.

And I really need to start painting the Jay Kulpa suite too.

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