$50 of total balls suckitude!


Yes. You read me right.

$50 of total suck.

Balls nasty sucking even.

So yes. I knew that 3 out of 5 of the figures I got yesterday at Target were retools and repaints of some lackluster Micron Densetsu/Armada molds.

But man. I figured that maybe with the retooling for the stupid Force Chips and the new heads and paint jobs these guys would be better.

I'm not so sure.

Let's start at the best of the three: Cyberton Blurr.

October 27, 2005 - Cybertron Blurr

So his new paint scheme is a bit more G1 Blurr and his new head is totally meant to invoke the character but overall... he's still pretty lame. Hell... the back half of his car alt mode just hangs off his back. And I don't understand why the plastic/paint is head is done in is totally different than the rest of the car. It is a darker blue and stands out too much.

Still. He's better than the release of this mold in Armada and as TF Universe Swerve.

The number two spot is taken by Cybertron Longrack.

October 27, 2005 - Cybertron Longrack

Good name. I gotta thank Hasbro for bringing over a Beast Wars Neo name. And yes. His head sculpt and paint scheme are also meant to evoke Beast Wars Neo's Longrack and like I said... kudos to Hasbro for the name too.

But he's still pretty much Armada Hoist with the addition of a Force Chip gimmick instead of a minicon port. But between Hoist, TF Universe Ransack, and now Longrack, this is definitely the nicest the mold has ever looked. I just wish he had real arms.

Last but no least in the retools is Cybertron Runamuck.

October 27, 2005 - Cybertron Runamuck

He is still as balls sucky as when he was done originally as Armada Sideswipe, then TF Universe Oil Slick, and then yet again as TF Universe Treadshot.

A bad mold is a bad mold and this one should be retired immediately. A new head and the Force Chip gimmick does not a better figure make. Ugh! At least the Treadshot had a good alt mode paint job. This one... meh. Flames. I'm not a fan of flames on cars at all. Real or toy cars.

The 4th Armada retool was not at Target. It is Cybertron Buzzclaw who is a retool of the many times repainted Armada Cyclonus. I don't know if I will bother with him at all now that I remember why I didn't care for these guys in 2003.

Cybertron Sideways?

October 27, 2005 - Cybertron Sideways

I'm totally apathetic about this guy. He's got a stealth fighter-ish alt mode. And some whacked out bot mode. The head is totally alien and doesn't remind me of anything I would describe as Transformersish. I do like his orange and black color scheme though. The head though could have been something more TF looking if you ask me.

That leads me to Cybertron Snarl.

October 27, 2005 - Cybertron Snarl

Snarl's ok in robowolf mode but his bot mode, like most robotic beasts, leaves a lot to be desired for me. He also suffers from old school Beast Wars "head as hand" syndrome. This also is his force chip gimmick too which opens his mouth.

Overall I'm disappointed in all of these guys. I did expect to be though.

I had seen the two original Cyberton guys at Botcon and didn't care about them.

The other 3 I bought because I'm a total loser and plastic crack addict.

But at least I can say I didn't pluck down the money for the Takara versions of the Armada retools. They came in 2 figure "battle packs" and were like $50 each. Totally not worth it if you ask me. While some improvements are much deserved, especially for Blurr and Longrack, that still doesn't merit a price like that.

As far as Hasbro is concerned though, I'd imagine these guys are totally shelf/peg fillers. They've been done so many times now it isn't funny and I'm pretty sure if I remember right that Takara did most of the retooling work and initiative.

Oh well. $50 down the plastic crack drain. A drop in the bucket in my otherwise addict life.


Sideways reminds me of the Micronauts and Baron Karza.

Yes. I didn't notice it before but there's a bit of a Karza vibe going on there.

*sigh* Baron Karza drawn by Michael Golden... those were the days.

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