Oh Dengeki Hobby Magazine... why oh why...


10-16-05-rm-lioconvoy.jpgJust when I thought Takara was going to stop producing items for the Robot Masters line it seems like Dengeki Hobby Magazine will offer yet another exclusive Robot Masters black repaint. This time in the form of Black Lio Convoy.

Now I do loves me some Lio Convoy and I also loves me some Robot Masters but enough with the black repaints.

The Black Victory Saber was already stretching it.

Yes. I'm a fucktard and will buy this. That much is certain since this is a line that I have got into my head I have to be a completist on.

But man. If you are gonna do an exclusive do a Sunstorm repainted from the Starscream mold or hell, I'd settle for a Ultra Magnus from the RM Convoy mold even.

Between loud jocktard neighbors and black repaints I just keep getting more frustrated in life.


Ok, so I wasn't making this shit up. I thought I saw a third variation.

Yup. You was right.

It will look vaquely like that purple/black rare one that Takara did for Beast Wars Neo.

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