Cybertron Mudflap and Leobreaker


October 17, 2005 - Cybertron Mudflap and Leobreaker

Other than suffering from a "I got shit hanging off my arms" problem, Cybertron Mudflap is really nice. I love a consistent color scheme (2 main colors, 1-2 detail colors) and he delivered perfectly on that. He's got a great head too.

The crane and weapon just hanging off the forearsm annoys me though. But otherwise he's great. Perhaps I can "remove" them.

To say that I'm underwhelmed about Cybertron Leobreaker would be an understatement. He's just ugly as hell and I just didn't seem to see it in the online pics I'd seen.

His transformation is really non-existent and he's pretty much a "stand him up... ta da... a robot" kind of guy and that sucks the balls of nastiness for a Transformer.

I'd imagine the his gimmick of being Optimus Prime's arm is the limiting factor here. Why on earth he does this is beyond me and since we don't get the WB I'll never see the cartoon and know.

Definitely will have to think twice before getting the Nemesis Leobreaker repaint or the Takara Dark Ligerjack version.

I will thank Hasbro for coming up with a new name. I definitely like Leobreaker as a name. I figured we'd end up with yet another iteration of Prowl since he's a lion. Good to see we didn't.

Oh. And rocks. I just ordered this thing on Friday and it is here Monday afternoon already. That is balls rock'n as we say here in Nalatown.

Numbers in Collection: 1437, 1438.


I still don't see how Leobreaker could be any worse than Overhaul. Overhaul as a basic is worse than Doom-Lock.

At least Doom-Lock came with a sword.

Wow. I like Mudflap a lot. Leobreaker looks pretty crappy, but I reserve judgement till I see him in person.

Oh, and about his name-it turns out that Leobreaker is a holdover from when they were planning on calling Overhaul Trailbreaker. So it turns out that Hasbro came up with an original name based yet again on a G1 one.

At least is isn't a total retread of an overused name.

I actually really like Mudflap. I think he's one of the best Cybertron toys so far. Maybe because he looks G1-ish to me. And seems to have a pretty cool transformation.

Now Liobreaker on the other hand does not impress me. Looks like you basically stand the beast up on its hind legs, and pull down the lion head. Voila! Totally transformed.

Eve: That's exactly what you do with Leobreaker.

And there's a G1 Hotspot vibe in Mudflap.

So, I finally got Mudflap, and the MEGA CRANE BLADE is completely ridiculous.


I give them props for making a ridiculously unwieldy weapon that still allows for free movement and posability without making him unbalanced and falling over. About time the designers figured that crap out. And he's well designed other than that. And while his vehicle mode is very Hot Spot, overall he reminds me of a serious upgrade to that blue energon Devastator limb.

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