I still like the name Nitro Convoy better.


FYI: Cybertron Overdrive (aka Galaxy Force Nitro Convoy) is a nice speed car-ish Transformer but man oh man does she/he have a totally shitty looking bot mode. The chest/torso/waste just doesn't work at all.

I haven't gotten Red Alert transformed yet but he's better than he was in Armada. That much I can definitely tell you.

And of course, with all the house drama, trying to get it on the market by the end of the month, and overall mental anquish over the cost of Botcon, I still have to deal with Wave 3.5 of Cybertron which includes Buzzsaw, Runamuck, Longrack, Blurr, Sideways, and Snarl. The first 4 are merely retools of 4 Armada molds so I don't know what I'm going to do about those. They look better now than they did but I don't know if I want to be a total whore and own them all or not.

And of course I still need to lose 20 more lbs by September 22.



His/her gun sucks too.

Red Alert is totally fabulous, however short he is. My main problem with the Galaxy Force/Cybertron line is manifest in both-the fact that the head is totally visible in alt mode. Prime and Starscream also suffer from this affliction. But in Red Alert's case it doesn't really detract from the alt mode and his transformation is neat.

And might I remind you that one of the ones you're considering is a repaint of ARMADA SIDESWIPE *gag*. Since I already got Noize Maze, all I care about from that assortment is Blurr and Snarl.

But you should care about Sideways. His transformation doesn't feel like a ripoff and he's the closest yer gonna get to an actual Skywarp to go with Thundercracker and Starscream.

The new Blurr looks nice. But I haven't seen the Sideswipe retool close enough to know if I'll bother with it or not. Honestly I didn't think Hasbro would put these on the market but man have 3 out of 4 been repainted enough?

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