Another basic. How quaint.

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Oh. I won't bore you (and upset myself more) over the fact that the 3rd Botcon exclusive is yet another simple basic repaint of a G2 Cyberjet (already repainted many times before) and the 4th exclusive is a repaint of Energon Tow-Line as an homage to G1 Ironhide.

At least this one I feel is substantial in the realm of my +$250 spent for the exclusives and this is the first one that I've no complaints about. When Tow-Line appeared I said to Giga in the truck "This would make a good Ironhide or Ratchet" and lo and behold that has happened.

I have no doubts that the Ratchet is also going to be released as an exlusive in the set since that means they even had to do less work.

I'm still totally upset at myself for buying these toys.

I will be for the rest of my life until that day, on my death bed, I make Mr. E. bend over and I whisper into his ear that "I still feel ripped off by the Botcon 2005 Exclusives".

It'll happen. You just wait and read.

Now if the 8th "show only" figure is a repaint of Victory Saber I'll quit my bitching.

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Yeah, the Ironhide qualifies as not a rip-off. The Cyberjet's kinda neat, but why repaint that mold again? It's gonna be hard to surpass R-blade. But maybe I'm just saying that cuz R-blade makes me think of Macross.

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