Build Boy is still one of my favorite bots ever!


Damn. I'm so looking forward to the new Alternator Skids when he debuts. Wish I could find me some Dragstrip and Prowl goodness.

In other great news, it looks like the is actually going to release the G1 Devestator homage of the RID Build Team!!!

There was fear that it would go into limbo.

Ok. It is 8:00pm. Time for Nala to crawl into bed and fall asleep to a Beast Machines episode. Yup! I borrowed the VCDs from Mr. E. again. I sooooo love this series.


I think I mentioned this before, but I sorta turned against Beast Machines because of Nightscream's hair and the Flower. I didn't like the elite Commando unit from Beast Wars suddenly becoming Heaven's Gate.

I DID like the megalomaniacal Megatron, and will probably give the series a second chance should I encounter a chance to see it without paying. The same will never be said for Armada.

But so far I like Galaxy Force. Even if it's just to hear the oh so Japanese "Galaxy Convoy. . . SUUUUPPPAAAHHHHH MOOOOOOODE!!!" or to hear them referred to as "To-ran-su-fo-mahs" again. And the general lack of Kicker.

I'm not sure it's Nightscream's hair. I think Optimus flung some monkey feces and hit him in the forehead.

It sure is flowy. I think Prime has a fiber problem.

Nightscream would be a great candidate if they wanted to make a TF series for prime time on the WB. He's got "Teen Drama" written all over him.

The only thing I would somehow change in Beast Machines is that horrid bird/peacock form Silverbolt gets. The bird/dog Fuzor form IS Silverbolt. Not the think he is reformatted into.

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