Betcha never thought you'd see Nala get cornholed did ya?

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Ok. I was upset at spending the money on the Botcon exclusives sight unseen.

I've ranted and beat up on myself weeks over this.

And after today's final "reveal" of the remaining two I can definitely say that "I've taken it fully up the ass by Master Collector!!!" and it is entirely my fault!!!

Chromia is a damn repaint of Energon Arcee (still sitting on toy store shelves as I type).

And the last one...Dirge A different mold? Something fantastic?

Hell no! It is the same fucking Beast Wars basic mold used as Buzzclaw, the first previewed figure! A figure that I have two of already that sit in a bag because I can't stand the non-show Beast Wars toys!!!

Man I totally fucked myself with these. I can't believe it.

Mr. E.'s email moments ago sums it up...

Five f***ing basics and a deluxe. And two are the same damn mold.

We took it up the @ss.

Oh did we take it up the ass! And it was a 19" plastic crack dildo too!!!

I am definitely going to cancel my extra loose set of these wastes of plastic.

Well... 5 out of 7 are wastes in my opinion. The Deathsaurus one is tolerable for what it is and Ironhide is the only real figure that is worth it.

No doubt the Ratchet figure... geez... a repaint from the same Towline figure that Ironhide is... will probably be the 8th "show attendee" figure.

So I'm gonna call and cancel.

Hell. I may as well just demote my entire registration and save a helluva lot of money at the same time.

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