At least the news outta Japan is better than out of Texas.

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Ack! While the state-side Botcon toys may suck the balls, I gotta say that the new stuff being shown at the Characters Hobby Expo 2005 in Japan has got me excited.

The Binaltech Red Alert (with something they are calling AI) is sweet and I'm thrilled they didn't use the Sideswipe or Prowl molds for this. The Red Alert color palette makes him look like a totally different character anyway.

Binaltech Sunstreaker finally debuts. This is what the mold released as Dead End was supposed to be. It was annoying to see Sunstreaker's head on a bot called Dead End. But this is one cool release and I'm so looking forward to this.

And it looks like there will be another Dengeki Hobby Magazine Exclusive figure in the form of a black Robotmasters Lio Convoy. Yay! At least the packaging is consistent with most of the RM exclusives. Still kind of miffed that the Star Saber exclusive and Thundercracker/Skywarp 2-Pack deviate so much from the original packaging design. Just will stick out like a sore thumb on the Robot Masters Shelf of Love.

Reissue G1 Galvatron, regardless of the minor retooling and new paint scheme, still looks like a turd. Ugly designs will inherently always be ugly.

The chick's outfit does rock.

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