The God Master Sword is a phallic symbol even I would worship.


I just had a moment of weakness.

It has been a long long time since I've had one but I just ordered (via some new plastic crack. Their retail pricing was way better than any specialty online crack stores and shipping and handling for the order was barely above what BBTS and others are.

So in a week or so Cybertron Optimus Prime, Hotshot, Overhaul, Crumplezone, Scattershot, and Thundercracker will arrive.

Of course, most of the crack is boxed and binned up for an eventual move.

But I really needed something new and when I saw the prices were what one would expect for retail it made sense to just order them online.

And at least 4 of them were figures I knew I would buy eventually and didn't care about having the Takara version.

Yeah. No doubt Prime will end up being a shelf clogger and reduced to $20 in six months but since he's sorta-kinda Super Ginrai/Fire Convoy-ish I figured I'd get him.

I'm also keeping watch on one of my holy grail pieces. If I could snag that for $200 total I probably will get it. Yeah, it has been opened, but I would probably do so anyway since I love this translucent version of the Super God Fire Convoy.


Ok. Have to attend a going away luncheon and that godawful Champs generican restaurant.


The Prime is pretty great, although I have some issues with his arms.


(I know I sound like Smithers. . . "But she's got a NEW HAT!!!)

Speaking of moments of weakness, at some point I was very close to buying this. Nuts.

What's so weak about that if you can afford it?

Erik: You know. That's not bad. Especially if you consider you'll probably watch certain season over and over again.

While I don't think I'd want to watch Seasons 1 and 2 ever again I could see myself watching several of the other ones over the years.

And hey... it is better than Voyager or Enterprise.

Frowny: Was that in reference to Malibu Stacy?

But of course. One of my favorite moments of recent episodes was Smithers' musical of Malibu Stacy. . .

"Sold seperately. . ."

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