1328 is a whole lot of wasted money.


This afternoon's indiscretion puts me at 1328 pieces of crack with today's haul counting as the 1333 through 1337th Transformers I've bought.

Yeah. The ones sold on ebay in May have introduced the discrepancy between the # in my collection and my overall total. But such is life. No doubt the total # will decrease over the next couple of months by even more since I have an entire stack of things I wouldn't mind getting rid of.

But my 1337th Transformer.

My god I am really retarded.


You wanna start a support group or something?

"Hi, My name is Frowny, and I have a complete set of the 1987 Headmasters."

OK, I just got back from my local TRU, and I picked up Jetfire and Scattorshot. Jetfire came with a map of Speedia that mentions a place on Speedia called Seti Alpha 5.

So Khan was trapped on Speedia? I'm confused. . .

I still need Jetfire. Amazon didn't have him or I would have got him. I wanted the Takara version but I figured he was one that it wouldn't matter which version I got, unlike Vector Prime and Starscream.

Yeah, the Hasbro version seems almost exactly like the Takara version, but they might have changed the sounds.

I hear Hasbro Vector Prime's sword does the limpet.

Really? Takara VP's is totally erect!


Maybe the Takara one should be called Cialis Prime.

My god that sucks the balls. So happy I spent the extra and got my Takara one. I could tell he even looked better paint-wise from the Hasbro one too. I see I am correct in that.

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