So much crack. So little money to spend on it.


Wow! There's some amazing crack on ebay right now.

There's a beautiful MIB Takara Big Powered giftset up $750 from Transformer: Zone.

A drool inducing Masterforce Overlord at $500.

Of course, those prices are insane. At least set a reserve and let people try to guess it.

Here's a weird cell of G2 Megatron which is really bizarre. Must be from a commerical or something because I don't recall him ever appearing animated anywhere.

Not a bad Grand Maximus for sale but he's missing Grand's Pretender shell and the frigg'n Master Sword.

I mean a Maximus without the frigg'n Master Sword would be... well... something Hasbro would release.

There's a loose Dinoking floating around.

Black Zarak has even popped up.

So much crack.

So little money to spend on it.


Takara C-353 Big Power Giftset

And since i missed the words on my last posts

top 2 are rip offs, maximus is not bad.

I saw a beautiful MIB Black Zarak in Tokyo. I was tempted to buy it and leave all my clothes behind.

Two carry-ons just don't cut it when your shopping for plastic crack (TM).

Yeah. Those top two piss me off. The starting bids are just way overpriced.

I think it would be practically impossible to find the Grand Maximus extra pieces.

Same goes for Black Zarak's "wand" thing.

Eve: You suck. But we miss you.

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