Oh the humanity!


To say that Matt went overboard for my birthday would be an understatement.


Thirty-five presents for thirty-five years.

I've never had someone give me so many presents in my entire life.


The insanity began as I began to open several long out-of-print and very hard to find books by Frank Herbert, When Will Jesus Bring the Pork Chops? by George Carlin, as well as Alan Moore'sPromethea Book 4 and Tom Strong graphic novels with some Warren Ellis Planetary books thrown in for good measure.

Literally shitloads of plastic enamels and acrylic paints (with a hint that perhaps I should spend more time painting at night that vegging on the computer).

And the crack? Oh my god the crack!!!

I now have completed the entire Energon line including the combiner limbs that have been a pain in the ass to find, Quickstrike (also a pain in the ass), and Overcast. And a few extra drones too.

He found me this mint-on-card Micromaster Decepticon Military Patrol from the early 90s and didn't even realize it is a "Hispanic" version and not from the English-speaking world (which of course makes it that much cooler)!!!

The Takara Galaxy Force Nitro Convoy was a major surprise as well as the the Robot Masters Star Saber and Victory Leo set!

(Ya know... I think I love the glowing dachshund eyes peering out of that last photo.)


Happy Birthday.

now you have to keep him. Happy birthday!

(and work was ... okay, but i still wish i could have gotten out of it for sake and sushi!)

Wow, what a great haul! Nice work, Giga!

Sorry I missed the Birthday Party of Love. I hope you'll accept belated presents ; )

BTW I thought your b-day was the 21st? You aren't opening early are you?

Yeah. It is the 21st. But with doing the whole dinner thing last night and all I just ended up opening my presents last night.

I heard about the Haul; he was so very excited about it on IM. The Boyfriend gave me 29 gifts on my 29th (by the time I opened things like packs of Star Wars decorated pencils, though, it was pretty obvious he was stretching. He's too cute.) Looks like Matt did an excellent job. Props to him!

And many happy returns on your Birthday, Nala!

Awww... nice.

Matt is cool.

Does he have a single gay brother or an evil clone available for dating? :)

And a slightly belated HBD to you, Mr. Nala!

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