The messy Attic of Love...


I really wanted to work on cleaning up the Attic of Love today but I didn't do shit.

I have a collection of shipping boxes I need to break down. Need a range of them for selling crap on Ebay and all but they just take up too much space.

Perhaps they should reside in the basement.

Ziggy Meow guarding the Energon line

Ziggy was incredibly interested in the activities surrounding my cleaning and rearranging of the Energon shelves. Unfortunately I don't have any more space for this line so everything that hasn't been opened will probably stay mint-in-box or card.

Energon Superion Maximus sucks balls.

Oh. And I forgot to mention that I finally found the last 2 arm and leg components of Energon Superion Maximus.

I merged him up yesterday and all I have to say is the components as individuals are great but when combined he not only sucks incredible amounts of nasty balls... he may just suck them more than 1986's Superion. At least in the 80's he had proper hands and feet instead of "conceptual balls sucky" ones.

Chester The Asshole

Of course a visit to the Attic of Love is not complete unless Chester is upstairs being an asshole or something.

Surprisingly he more or less kept his screaming ass shut-up while he was up here and only since I started typing this and ignoring him has he decided to use his banshee wail.

He is such a goddamn asshole.


I should really get cleaned up and get to bed.

I haven't felt all that well this weekend and I need to get some sleep since I have to train a new hire.

Ugh. Training. Hopefully I won't have to do the "OK. This is a mouse. You use it to move this little arrow thing called the cursor. Yeah. That's right. You are doing so good. I'm so proud of you" kind of training which I abhor.


Good idea to put SM towards the back where you can't see his lame-ass feet.

One of these days we need to get your BW/BM shit organized.

Ah, come on man. Devastator? As cool as that idea was, combined, you were lucky if the damned thing was able to stand up without it falling apart.

Devestator kicks massive amounts of ass compared to these modern Energon combiners.

Constructicon Maximus, his modern equivalent, sucks as bad as Superion Maximus.

Hopefully, Bruticus Maximus will be a bit nicer when I can find the last arm and leg.

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