Not So Master Collector


Well my copy of Master Collector arrived today. This is the montly paper I get for joining the revamped Transformers Collectors' Club.

I as I expected. Totally lame.

And what's worse... it looks like it was typeset by two 14 year olds on a Mac Quadra using Aldus Pagemaker 3 with 2 fonts. (Which is the quivalent of using Microsoft Publisher for any form of professional layout.)

Oh well.

At least I'll get my exclusive toy in late Spring.

That's all I really wanted.


Uh, I think I left my copy somewhere on I-71.

Yesterday when I was removing the car seat from the Taurus to make room for Matt in back, I think I set the Master Collector magazine on top of the car, along with the Toy Review issue you gave me.

Wonder how far we got before they blew away?


But there was a comic! Not an especially stellar comic, and written in a kind of painfully wanna-be Furman style, had Vector Prime! I'm just tryin' to look on some kind of bright side. Though people should really leave writing like Simon to Simon.

Man, one of those combiner limbs had better be the Sky Shadow/Terradive mold...

Yeah. I was pleasantly pleased with the Sky Shadow/Terradive mold and color palettes.

It just makes a sad arm/leg for a combiner.

Ya really gotta use your imagination on this one.

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