The coffin is the best part!


Holy Shit!

I totally forgot to Tivo the new Robot Chicken show on Cartoon Network this past weekend.

This week Optimus Prime, Jazz, Ironhide, and Prowl kick the shit out of the Decepticons only to find out later that Optimus has prostate cancer.

It frick'n rocks!!!

A low res download in WMV format is available here.

Even Optimus has prostate troubles!

Only people with a true love of 80s Transformers could have done such a great skit!


holy shit! that was funny. i may have to invest in cable if this is what robot chicken is like more often than not.

It repeats tonight. I set TiVo to get it.

Of course, we thought of you immediately. We were wondering if we needed to burn a DVD for you or not.

Alas, when anything Transformers-related pops up people always think of me.

Such is the bane of my habit. =)

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