Guess who came for dinner?


Arriving a day early, Galaxy Force Vector Prime and Starscream have made their debut in the Attic of Love this evening.

Were they worth the wait and the zlotys?

That's kind of hard to say.

They are definitely nice bots.

Nala's Galaxy Force Vector Prime and Starscream

I suppose since this version of Starscream won't be released in stateside in lieu of that stupid lame 14" overpriced version I'm glad I purchased him.

They aren't much for transformation at all and the whole force chip gimmick for the kiddies doesn't amount really to much.

But they are definitely slick.

Most definitely.


You opened them?!! Yay! Those are easily the best two figures from the GF line. No way am I going Hasbro on those two.

Wish *my* package came a day early.

Yeah. I broke my general rule about opening imports but I just had to.

And... VP's minicon looks far more like a Micromaster than an ugly minicon. I'm so loving him!!!

Now the question arises where will you store all your force chips? I am noticing they do not all fit on the Galaxy Forces when they are in Robot Mode.

Yeah. Vector Prime's is pretty loose. Starscream's is very tight but his head is extremely loose.

And thank god ya said "Force Chip". It sounds so much better than "Cyber Planet Keys" to me.

I'm thinking that this Starscream mold would sell like crazy to fans if they could affordably do a 3-pack with them all painted in G1 Seeker colors. Hell... throw in a Collector's Club Sunstorm for fun and I've even buy 'em all.

And I realized something today... for some reason I am all about the swords for Transformers.

So few get decent swords like Vector Prime's one. It is such a shame.

And one day... Super Fire Convoy's Master Sword will be mine!

So are those technically 3 Transformers if Vector Prime has a mini-con?

Sweet. Do you happen to have the 20th Anniv. Prime? What is your summary of the thing, is it worth buying? (I would probably opt for the Hasbro version as opposed to Takara because I am cheap and I kinda like the battle damage.)

Giga: Yes. I suppose you can consider it 3 figures.

Brother Erik: I own Takara's Masterpiece Convoy and not the Hasbro version. For me it was about spending the extra $40 and getting the die-cast metal and actual Takara design instead of the US version which has the battle damage as well as shortened smokestacks because of US toy laws.

Stupid american kids poking their eyes out. Ughhh.

Ah! I didn't realize the shortened smokestacks were due to US toy regulations. I will buy Takara's just to spite the bastard children who force such a law!!!!!!

Yup. Because dumb 'Merican children will poke their eyes out. Or their friends' eyes out.

I don't see a whole lot of maimed and blind Japanese kids running around.

Argh, stupid children. I wonder if the Masterpiece Voltron is going to have the same problem.

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