Holy Shit!!! 1100 is achieved!!!


Holy Shit!!!


One-thousand one-hundred Transformers has been achieved!!!!

Just after I finished posting my mild rant on the probable suckitude of Hasbro's future Transformers Cybertron Evebird showed up knocking at the door and driving The Hoont all bonkers.

And... he arrived bearing new plastic crack� for me in the form of Energon Six Shot and Energon Alpha Quintesson that must have only appeared in retail chains this week!!!


And then... right after he left... Matt brought upstairs the 3 new Transformers Universe figures he was hiding from me. Night Slash Cheetor, Longhorn, and Frostbite take me to 1100!!!

And to think I was barely around 750 five months ago.



Congratulation :)

Here is my little Collection


Great shelves Marv. I love the tall ones with the glass shelfing.

I wish I had the ability to go vertical in the attic. Since the walls only go 2 ft before becoming the roof of the house I totally have to go horizontal and it just doesn't look as good.

If I had the space I'd have nice glass shelves like yours and somehow light it too.

Oh well.

Someday I'll figure a way to rework the attic.

What a fantastic orgy of Transformer-dome.

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