1600??? Holy shit! That's like totally the lame!


Micron Densetsu Well today I hit another lame ass milestone and a Takara Micron Densetsu Crystal Convoy became my 1600th Transformer ever purchased.

Ack! I am so lame.

So lame that I actually hit 1603 today.

The Columbus Toy Show was surprisingly large and while there wasn't a whole lotta TF stuff there, it was obviously a geektastic afternoon.

Most of the Transformers related items were pretty much the same old common stuff that all vendors with TF stuff have. If I see another Top Spin or Twin Twist I'll scream. And G1 jets. Ugh! Too many of those exist on dealer tables.

I did pick up a few things I normally would not have gotten such as Throttlebots, Sparkabots, and some miscellaneous other stuff. I mean, while I don't actively collect some of the post-1986 G1 stuff, if the price is right I might as well fill the gaps in the collection.

Quite frankly though, the gems of today weren't Transformers related at all.

I reacquired 2 toys I had as a kid. These were major parts of my childhood and I always knew I'd end up buying them again.

Part of my haul: Vintage Micronauts Battle Cruiser

Part of my haul: Giant Acroyear

Yes. The inevitable acquisition of Micronauts has probably started. The Attic of Love™ needs a few more vintage 70s Micronauts and now I happily own 2 that I really loved as a kid.

The guys I bought them from actually knew about plasticcrack.net and The Attic of Love™ as well! I was shocked. I didn't think that many people stopped by here since I don't really look at my stats anymore. (Thanks guys!)


Cowtown Bloggerati reprahzent!

I totally had a Micronauts Battle Cruiser. It rocked!!!

I'll have to come over and play! :)

Maybe, when I do, I will bring over the one-on-one D&D adventure books that Doug let me borrow. I am not sure I'll be able to talk the Wife into playing.

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