I'm not going to the Gay Robot Convention.

Zero interest.

If you still stop by here every now and then you probably would have assumed that already.


Yeah, I figured as much but thanks for the confirmation. It beats that awkward wandering and wondering I do trying to figure out who's there and who isn't.

This is a pretty off year with no big reason to go Transformer-wise. There's no movie, no super special tours and not much new going on guest or panel wise. I'm not really enough of a Transfromer fan to buy into the toys. Proximity and inertia were the big motivators for me. And also the Orlando library.

You know what would have been cool to go to? Mego Meet 2010, which was held last week in West Virginia. They have forums over at where they've got pics of the displays. A prominent Micronauts collector had his collection displayed there and it looked awesome from the pictures. Had I known about that earlier in the year I may have tried going just to learn a little more about Micronauts. Maybe I'm just getting hungry for a non-GRC robot convention experience.

Argh. I keep forgetting Mego Meet. It's near where I grew up and where my parents still live. Gotta remember that for a side trip sometime.

I just read over on the Wonderful Wonderblog that the big Micronauts collection will be on display at the museum through July 7th. If you guys have the means and inclination it would be one hell of a trip.

I really regret not hanging out with you two more when we had the chance and really really talking. It's one of the hardest parts of Botcon for me trying not to miss out on anything and anybody and I still miss out and always end up feeling like it went by too fast.

It's only 2hr from us, so that would be cool. (Cooler if someone was off his crutches by then, but that won't be the case.) There's a casino, a zoo, and a race track nearby, too.

The best part about BotCon is the people. Ah, well, maybe next year?

Hey so aren't you at least a little excited that Shockwave will be in the new movie???? Come on.. ^_^

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