I should...


I should really get around to posting about that new crack I bought.

I really should.


Happy Thanksgiving Nala!!!

1. I'm sure many of us are waiting on the fatherhood news, then

2. Yes, news on the new crack acquisitions!!


Yes! More posts! More updates on fatherhood! More more more!

The understood but unwritten title of every blog post ever is "There is probably something else I should be doing right now".

Ahaha I kind of like watching the slow deterioration of this blog. It's still an offshoot visit when I can.

I don't think the blog is deteriorating; I simply think there's a lot less posting when the movies take front and center. It's very difficult to post regularly about the fiction when it's released in a single installment; and the toys have proven to be extremely divisive amongst the collecting community.

If anything, I think it's a testament to Nala that despite these periods of inactivity, we all come back here anyhow. ^_^


WHAT'S WITH THE FATHERHOOD? Inquiring minds want to know. ^___^

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