Must attempt to clean up disaster.

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A disastrous robotarded office.

So you are probably shocked that I've actually did at least 4 posts today.

No. My gay robot malaise has not gone away.

I actually am having a huge cookout/party this weekend and the House of Love IV needs to be cleaned up.

I haven't touched my office/Crack Den in probably 7 months. It is a robot disaster right now.

The 2005 boxed set flew off the shelf one day and sent robots flying. Many bots from the TF Animated shelf took nose dives.

I have no idea what is broken or if there are now pieces lost.

This mess just needs to be made presentable.

No doubt my guests will want to see the sick sight of all the robots.

Obviously, it is no where as sick and twisted as the sight of 2000+ robots back during the old house's Attic of Love days.

The stares and dropped jaws were always awesome when people ascended into the Attic.

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Good to see some posts Nala!! Please update us with pics of the crack den cleanup of Sept 2009!!

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