Botcon 2009 - Day 4


Now I mentioned before I was smoking cigars on Friday.


Being nicotine free for so many years and then deluging myself, even with cigars, make Saturday morning a horrid thing.

It wasn't that I was hung over or anything but I had inhaled a bit more than I planned it just ripped up my guts. (My lungs seemed to be ok... well... except for the future cancer and all.)

Giga was out doing all kinds of alumni stuff on Friday and Saturday so I was solo.

Paul and Rob (I think I got that right) came into the Camille's where I was recovering and I ended up walking back to the con with them.

Let's just say the walk-in traffic was massive. It was a steamy room of geeks, nerds, kids, nerd girls, and all other kinds of bad crazy shit.

Botcon 09 Day 2 -

Honestly, it was great to see so many kids there! So many TF geeks forget that these are toys for kids. And to see kids totally going apeshit over people in costume was just great.

Paramount Party

I fell asleep and then sorta-kinda had to shit-shower-and-shave to make it down to meet the guys to head to Paramount.

Of course... we waited in yet another line.

Botcon involves waiting in many long lines over and over again.

Botcon 09 Day 3 -This is why I come to Botcon.

Actually, being with these guys makes it tolerable.

And of course, there's so much of geekdom to just suck up and love!

Botcon 09 Day 3 - Paramount back lot

The back lot of Paramount was a great place to stage an event.

Botcon 09 Day 3 - Paramount back lot

Botcon 09 Day 3 - Paramount back lot

Sure I had to suffer through awful music, but while a large percentage of people, myself included, just don't get the Bush thing, others seemed to love it.

Woozy always... dances... to things playing around him at the con.

Nick was sucking up and loving every second of Stan's tunes.

While I didn't drink much, Colin surprised us with beers upon our arrival.

See... we also ended up on the last f'n bus even though there were so many people behind us. How you may ask? Chalk it up to that always great Botcon organization!

The food was basically buffet style but it was better than past con meals. And the cash bar and other stuff was great.

Botcon 09 Day 3 - Paramount back lot

I don't have photos of them and if you are a robot geek you've no doubt seen them elsewhere but they had the Ratchet and Ironhide vehicles all around. (Prime was at the convention center).

Botcon 09 Day 3 - Paramount back lot

(Other than Woozy, does anybody know the names of these guys? I chatted with them off and on all con but never got their real or board names.)

Botcon 09 Day 3 - Paramount back lot

I know these guys only too well. Alas, Andrew was not in attendance.

We ended up being herded (and waiting in line once again) into a theatre to see 4 minutes of blurry robot cgi movie stuff.

I then had to answer the dreaded "what did you think?" of the scene.

Long time crack readers already know I'm no fan of Bay or the first TF movie. And while this new movie will likely be better than the first, I just become less of a fan of CGI special effects the more and more they are used. And to me, this movie could be The Godfather Part II and I'd still be put off by streaks of bouncy camera shots and blurry CGI robots.

The funniest part of the evening was getting back on the bus to go back to the hotels.

They were handing out movie posters and when it came time for me to get on the bus I declined it.

The look of shock on the guy's face was hilarious. It was like "how can you not want this?!?!?". I think it was one of the Hartmans too.

Suffice to say, we had to be out early the following day.

I never really got to say goodbye to Andrew, Teresa, Colin, Jeremy or much of anybody else.

Thankfully, I ran into Nick and Kari also checking out on Sunday and were able to say farewell to them.


Lest we forget,

I'm convinced we actually attended linecon, with a few transformers thrown in to distract us.

And beer is mandatory at linecon.


That 6 hour line was kind of fun, because it had Tom, Mike, Greg, Kari and Nick. The 10 hour LineTour kind of sucked, but at least Paul and Rob were there (and Woozy), and those hilarious guys behind us on the bus.

While I'm sorry I didnt get to talk to folks as much as I'd have liked, I'm glad I got to see the gang again this year. However, I'm not glad for the catching up I'm having to do this week on finals. UGH.

@FPT: if you ever make it south again in the warmer months, let me introduce you to my favorite beer. I would love to repay your generosity!

woo! linecon!!

when my brother & i were having lunch there was a family across from us with two little boys that had just cracked open their new toys. it made me all warm & fuzzy to see them, especially seeing that one had the universe cheetor. so awesome!

You got some really great video! I loved watching the kids play in the play pit. Like you said, we addicts of plastic crack sometimes forget toys for kids.

I will have to make my way to cowtown then. And wait until you get to enjoy my favourite beer - Labatt 50 - when you come to TFCon!

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