Why did Hasbro think a yellow Ratchet was a good idea?

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So Evebird, JackOfAllGeeks, and I stopped into Target after our lunch run today and I was finally able to find a Universe Cyclonus. I like his colors a lot.

What was shocking though was the amount of mega-clearance TFs!

I snagged one of those Animated Urine Ratchets for $4.

Well... I actually bought up a couple of those and those Turdy Translucent Lockdowns for $4/each too.

This'll give me modern toys to give to kids at the next Columbus Toy Show we do.

I mean... at $4... a kid will get 3 figures there! That's great to have on the table.

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$4? Seriously? That's madness. I thought I was getting a deal at $15 (what can I say? I like garish colours...)

You are going to have some seriously happy kids at your next toy show.

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