What the hell ever happened to Beta?


Bored with your evening?

Go out and rent or buy Doctor Who and The Silurians.

Then, while watching it and listening to the insanely bizarre experimental electronic soundtrack, do a bunch of whippits.

I'm fairly certain that you'll be visited by Alpha Trion sometime during the evening.

Well. Alpha Trion of Florence Henderson.

It's a crap shoot!


The awesomely awesome The Sea Devils.

Gitcher Master action on!


I'm halfway through Trial of a Time Lord. Think Colin Baker was given a rough ride really, especially after seeing his performance in Mindwarp...

Loved the Beneath the Sea boxed set! Can only hope that they'll bring them back in New Who!

Hmmm, good question! Ummm, I thought it was pretty good fun til the said Steampunk Cyberking turned up! I looked at my wife at that moment, and we were both like, "What the fuck!"


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