Transformers Universe Cyclonus and Nightstick

Transformers Universe Cyclonus and Nightstick

Damn. They are nice!

They are almost more Shockwave colored than than most Schockwaves are!

Transformers Universe 25th Anniversary Cyclonus and Nightstick are the 2152nd and 2153rd Transformers that I've acquired.

Transformers Universe Cyclonus

I'm not any fan of the character but he's a decent figure with a transformation I wasn't expecting.

Transformers Universe Cyclonus (alt mode)

I've never had any real wish to own the G1 version other than perhaps to use as a tomahawk weapon to maim and wound people with.

Transformers Universe Targetmaster Nightstick

Kudos to Hasbro in making Nightstick more Micromasterish than Miniconish.

I've always been more a fan of the former than the latter.

These guys are great.

The only think I'd have done, and this is really not with the whole remake a G1 figure thing, is to make Nightstick have an additional mode much like Galaxy Force Roots who pretty much serves the same functions.

Definitely add this to your sick disgusting shelves.


I had the original as a kid. Mine didn't come with a transforming gun guy. Mine was from the movie I guess. I'll likely pick this up when it hits Canada. I keep passing up Galvatron. But then I hate Galvy...

I really really want Hound though. I'm totally in love with that one.

Indeed, these figures are amazing! Cyclonus impressed me so much that I had to go out and get his boss Galvatron. Galvatron is okay, but not as sweet as his subordinate. The deluxe size does not suit him. An unofficial additional way for Cyclonus to wield Nightstick is to flip around Cyclonus' hand and plug Nightstick into his booster/wrist. This works on both sides, so Cyclonus can be a righty or a lefty!

I had stopped collecting cold turkey mid 2008, and had sold most of my TF's on Ebay (including all my Alternators, which are up now) but was absolutely forced to buy Cyclonus when I saw him. And he is sublime, I am hardly able to put him down.

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