So much money will be saved in 2009 and 2010! (And other stuff.)


All I gotta say is I am so happy a Transformers movie is coming out in 2009!

The money that would likely go towards robot crack will most definitely be going into the 2nd Floor bathroom and other areas of the House of Love!

Are people actually excited about more reduntant repaints of the same movie Starscream figure?

Or yet another repaint of Energon toys?

This bi-plane looks cool but once it Transformers it looks like an 80s Go-Bot.

Now these guys are kinda cool. At least they look more like non-Movie Transformers than movie Transformers.

Thank you Hasbro! 2009'll be great for me.

- - -

Did you see that G1 Bruticus repaint?

For only $95 you can have the sames figures released tons of times in the past 25 years!

Now that's some bad craziness.

I think it pretty much also confirms that the only molds that are likely complete for G1 combiners are the Combaticons and the Seacons.

It be amazing to see Encore Raiden or Encore LioKaiser pop up!

I'd so buy those!

- - -

I'm so all over Red Alert! He's a must when I get Inferno.

- - -

That BTS trailer for Classics Prime looks cool. I can't wait to see a retail price for it.

Methinks we'll see it in Prime, Magnus, and Black Convoy colors.


Normally I hate repaints but the Skywarp and Ramjet redecoes look really badass. While I do think the Movie Starscream designs were pretty ugly and stupid, I think they could have been totally redeemed with a better color scheme and these toys prove it in my mind.
And I don't think all of the movie toys will be bad. The new Leader Prime looks awesome and I really like the Movie Sideswipe as well. Sure it totally deviates from his cartoon design but I actually don't think that's a bad thing. As much as I hate to admit it, I actually agree with Bay that some of the characters would look really ridiculous if they appeared onscreen just as they were in the cartoon. I really don't think I could take a bright red Sideswipe with the goofy missile launcher on his shoulder that seriously and I think I'm one of the only people out there who actually really likes the idea of Soundwave being a satellite. I'm looking forward to both those figures as well as some of the other movie toys I've seen pics of.

With Animated and the movie stuff I have saved a lot myself. I did end up buying "movie" series toys that look great, which is to say totally unlike the movie aesthetic (Wreckage, chicken leg walker pickup truck guy, Stockade). Classics/Universe is my favorite line and it's being put on hold for movie 2 right? So I just have to keep eyes out for things like Smokescreen.

I have always thought most of the movie designs are ugly, especially the Starscream mold - just awful.

Yeah - I think this year we're not going to be filling up the shelves, especially with all the repaints from the first movie.

It's just a shame that ILM created designs that were completely removed from the original aesthetic, and then acted like they were privy to some sort of revelatory design excellence that the franchise had been missing up until that point.

"Oh, yeah - we figured that these are robots, so they aren't going to carry guns. The guns are actually a part of their body! How cool is that? Well, it was certainly a really cool idea when we were watching Ghost In The Shell las night. Next - digigrade legs - nobody, and I mean NOBODY, thought of doing digigrade robot legs before us."

Ah well - kudos to Hasbro and Takara for actually engineering some of these designs into actual figures...


Even if the molds are lost, they can recreate them from an existing figure (certainly, I was under the impression that they did this with Soundwave.) I suppose the question becomes one of cost versus profit. How that would work out for Team Kaiser, I don't know.

Although... an Encore release of the dinocassettes would probably be worth a small fortune; just throw in two repaint versions from e-Hobby. :)

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