Purple. Grey.



Will I end up buying the purple one?

I mean... with out his head "fins" he's not quite Shockwave is he.

However, this tiny ass bad boy is mine!


I'd be happier if the mold had a gun for one of his hands rather than the BFG, but I like both colors and will be getting the purple to go with my gray one when I get the chance.

Sorry, I didn't click on the purple one link before posting---I assumed you were talking about the Animated Shockwave, rather than the Mighty Muggs guys. They aren't really my thing. . .

What's odd to me about the Mighty Muggs Shockwave is why Jazz gets the head protrusions, but they make Shockwave have a regular round head?

Odd decision, no? And will Hasbro ever make a G1 homage Shockwave?

What do YOU, the viewers at home think?

I suppose you could always make fins for his head. That's what I would do.

The only Mighty Mugg I'll likely get is Bumblebee. he lends himself well to bizzar stuff like this.

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