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I lurked over at the TF Club Forums today.

It has been pretty much close to a year since I think I actually logged in and looked at a robot forum.

I'm still amazed at the amount of back and forth involving things like "the Botcon set will be this" and "No! It will be this!" and "I think you're all wrong it will be this because I heard this from so and so...".

Apparently someone from FP posted some cryptic post at some other board that implies the GRC exclusives will be Elite Guard themed a la the TF:Animated continuity. And then someone from FP uses the word "wreck" and then it goes on to become a "Oh! It'll be Wreckers!".

And I love how one person feeds off another and then on and on and on.

And then the seeds of arguments over the possible fiction and fictional continuity over goddamn toy robots begins based on this or that comment.

Oy teen jesu!

I gotta assume other fandoms like the Army Doll fandom and such are this bad crazy but I actually don't really care enough to go looking for those forums and boards. I can only imagine the insanity of the My Little Pony and Care Bear Collectors' boards!

It'll come when it comes.

You'll buy it if you want to or you'll buy it because you feel you need to and then regret it.

Those are the only two constants in toy collecting I think I really know at heart.

The other stuff. Meh.

(Then again... I've been blogging about stupid ass toy robots for years now. So what the F do I know!)

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