TF Animated Prowl

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TF Animated Prowl

Giga brought home the one he bought during the Cinci toy runs at Botcon and added it to the Crack Den.

TF Animated Prowl is the 2071st Transformer that I've acquired.

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Okay---I love this figure and all the rest, I love the show, I love the aesthetic, because I'm a big fan of the look of JLU, Teen Titans, Dexter's Lab, Samurai Jack etc. However, I don't know how to incorporate them into the rest of the collection because they don't look anywhere similar---I know I'm being uptight on this, but how can these guys fight along-side of everything else I own when I put them into the "gigantic robot wars" layout I have planned eventually? (Can you tell I'm heavily influenced by my father's Lionel trains layout addiction?)

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