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Evebird said...

So is the Energon Arcee motorcycle officially the TF with the most repaints ever? With BotCon, Target Sector 7, and mass releases in US and Japan, there have got to be 10-12 different shades of that thing.

... and that got me thinking.

While it certainly has been repainted a shitload of times, personally I'm betting on one of the G2 Spychanger molds being one of the most repainted figures.

Some of them were done so many times as Car Robots Spychangers, Super Spychasers, Jusco Spychangers, RID Spychangers, the many variations on that, Tiny Tin Spychangers, the G1 repaint Spychangers, not to mention some of the other Japanse chase versions.

I'd have to say, just looking across my crack, that one of these 6 Spychangers is likely the most repainted Transformer ever.

Your thoughts?


Here's my thoughts.
Less talking about bikes and minicars.
More talking about beatiful 9-changer Deszaras.

I agree, the Spychangers are clearly the most used and most recolored mold ever. There have been like six or seven bikes that I can think of, but the Viper and Lambo molds were done in a million different colors.

3Ariel Paradron Medic deco
7Movie Arcee
8Movie Elita One.

well, you certainly know more than i do about all that...but out of my meager collection, i have the most of the bendy prime mold, 4 in all, and i know there are 2 more out there too...

and i don't care how many times they repaint that arcee mold, she still looks like a top heavy hooker-bot to me.

Teresa, what, you don't like those tiny, useless little bootheels? Blasphemy I say, blasphemy! :D

Nala, I never suspected. I always thought it was the Arcee that took the cake in terms of repaints with eight (Japanese release, North American release, Ariel, Sector Seven version, Elita One, Flamewar, Flare-up and Chromia).

But you are absolutely right. Take "Highbeam" for example - there's six versions of him as X-Car ( alone. Add two versions as Crosswise, one Botcon Nightracer, one Bumblebee and the original Highbeam and you're at 11.

Motormouth may have even more. It boggles the mind. I love the Gobots but it's just blows me away!

I always figured Energon Arcee to be the most recycled TF mold as well ... since I don't have any of the RID Spychangers, I hadn't noticed how many of them there were.

Mind you, the Cybertron Crosswise mold has been used quite a bit too in recent years with 5 versions.

Slightly off topic: Would it kill them to make Arcee as a car? I can't wrap my head around why they haven't yet...

Didn't they make a prototype Arcee that turned into a car for the 6" Titanium series? It was previewed at BotCon (last year, two years ago?), but was then cancelled or something? I remember Nala posting about it ...

that carl guy: Why there hasn't been a G1 Arcee done as her 1986 Movie likeness is one of the great mysteries of TF fandom, isn't it?
I can honestly think of no good reason for her absence.
And yet Hasbro continues to make those sucktastic Legends figures.

Yes, there was a prototype of Arcee (along with Shockwave, Cosmos and Bumblebee / Cliffjumper) that were shown as part of the Botcon 2007 Hasbro tour. And while we're getting the WW Prowl and WW Grimlock from Titanium in the Fall, all evidence is that Arcee and her friends will remain unloved.

Classics seekers will probably be the king of repaints in the long run.

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