I didn't buy it... but I was shocked as hell.


I really don't want to add another movie figure to my mix but damn, whilst I was at the Target I came across Deep Space Starscream and all I can say is that's one sweet paint deco.


I mean... I've got a fetish for monochromatic color palettes and damn if Hasbro didn't nail this one exactly to bunch my boxers up!

It actually makes the damn think look decent... and I'm no fan of the mold!


He sure is pretty. I bought him at TFCon.

I have to admit to disliking the movie Starscream figure. My favorite 'Formers are the ones who manage to pull off both alt and robot modes really well. And while I think Starscream's robot mode is pretty awesome, his jet mode is ridiculous. It's basically an elongated box with a flat section of wings and a Raptor cockpit/nosepiece slapped on top. Terrible design.

I saw Deep Space Movie Screamer last night and must admit I was tempted for like two minutes, then I noticed the Animated Earth Mode Voyager Prime the shelf just below him on the Target end cap.

It was an easy decision to make.

I picked Deep Space Starscream up ... fantastic paint job!!

I bought one last Sunday. Best Buy Megs needs a team member.

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