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So Giga has a bunch of tables for the next Columbus Toy Show.

I've given up on using it as a venue to sell off Transformers.

The effort to lug the TF crack there and setup never pays off in the same way that Giga's DC superhero crap does.

However, since we have to get his shit out of storage plus the comics I'd like to unload at the show, it may be prudent to try and find the TF crap anyway and try to get rid of it at the GRC.

Thing is though... I really don't want people I don't know in my room.

I know that is silly, but I'm just not keen on it.

If it was one of those Embassy Suites again with the private bed room and public front room I wouldn't think twice since I wouldn't have to put stuff all over the bed or what have you.

Then again, if I only took MIB stuff it would be easier to track and I could setup a table or some such shit in the room.


I still got a month to decide.


Since I have a hatchback, you could always sell out of the truck in the parking lot.

Ten dollars for tapes, fifteen for cee dees.

Gotta agree with you. While I have done the room-to-room thing, it seems more civilized when it is someone else's room. And lugging boxes into someone else's room... that's just a recipe for trouble.

Do you have to fork out for some sort of Sellers/Store fee to sell shit at the GRC? If it's not too high a fee, I would definitely recommend lugging quite a bit of crack down to Cincinnati in a U-Haul or something. You'd definitely have a much better chance of getting rid of it compared to the Columbus Toy Show. I guess your locals can keep off the crack addiction

As I said before if you're looking to unload any G1 stuff just send me an e-mail or leave a note on my site and let me know as I'm cool with doing the paypal thing and am looking to get more of the old-school stuff for my collection.

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