TF Zone: Dai Atlas (WonderFest 2007 Exclusive)


TF Zone: Dai Atlas mega pvc - (WonderFest 2007 Exclusive)

I'm gonna rip this to shreads later tonight.

TF Zone: Dai Atlas (WonderFest 2007 Exclusive) is the 2024th Transformer that I've acquired.



I'm super plus excited to see him. You have no idea!

Alot of funds for basically a PVC...

Never heard of this guy ... since I am an ignorant US TF fan. LOL. And he's only a PVC figure??

I have no idea who this is either. He looks cool in the other posting though. I like his colors. This one doesn't turn into anything but what does the character turn into normally?

You'll have to excuse the "what does he turn into" question. I just got home from a terrible drive through freezing rain and hail. I looked at him again and realized he had wings...

He put the pwnage on that guy. That was really cool! Cut him in half!

I know pretty much nothing about the Japanese Transformers but I think they deserve further study. I might be missing out on some really cool stuff.

Videos are cool, guess this series was for late G1, when the micro toys were all the rage.

You know, I've really wanted this since I first saw it and I noticed it was marked down on BBTS. Wonderfest Dai Atlas may be added to the shopping cart after I add US Edition Masterpiece Starscream with his coronation accessories. BBTS is doing some combo deal now for $99.

Oh, I didn't realize he was that large. I had thought that he was about the size of the regular SCF PVC line, which I collected rabidly when they were coming out regularly. He was on my list for Botcon, but I may just pull the trigger now. Thanks for the info!

And with that he has been purchased.

Also purchased was:
Encore Sky Lynx
Next two waves of Marvel Minimates
And USA Edition Masterpiece Starscream w/ Coronation Armor accessories.

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