A new empire in rags...


Got an email that my TakaraTomy Henkei Megatron (old school grey and black Classics Megs) and my two new Revoltechs are in at BBTS. I should probably release them as-is and not wait for my Henkei Astrotrain.

After TakaraTomy's reuse of the movie packaging, I was kind of surprised to see that their Classics version is actually back to their own type of packaging.

Ok. I must shower and get to work.

I figure it being a xristian holiday and all, nobody will bother me except the security guards doing their rounds and I can catch up on all kinds of shit.


I thought you weren't gonna be purchasing any more pieces of plasticcrack - ever? (even those these were prepaid)

It's good to see that you're not giving up on the collecting or this site as I thought I would have to carry on the tradition of writing insightful yet self-deprecating blogs and reviews of transforming toys by myself (and I don't do it half as well as you do). As I said on my own site, the "adult collectors" need the kinds of sites that take a humorous and somewhat sardonic view of collecting as it makes adult collecting seem less weird or geeky.

Nala: That day or 2 when this place & Naladahc were offline got me thinking that you had closed up shop for good.

I don't go to the GRC's & I have no desire to. If I did, I would probably drop $1000 or so on a Liokaiser & my wallet would hate me for it.

I'd definitely recommend getting rid of the crap - It'll re-invigorate your luv for the plasticcrack 100-fold.

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