Robot Heroes Cliffjumper / Optimus Prime (Best Buy Exclusives)


Best Buy Exclusive Robot Heroes Cliffjumper and Battle-Damaged Prime

I can't knock small toys.

They both look ok.

And they were the best likely DVD-extra I'd have wanted, with the possible exception of seeing that mini-movie on the Wal-Mart DVD. I figure that'll make it online someday anyway.

Transformers Robot Heroes Movie Cliffjumper and Battle-Damaged Movie Optimus Prime are the 2006th and 2007th Transformers that I've acquired.


I actually kind of like ol' Jumper there. Does Bumblebee look as good? I've completely ignored the Robot Heroes movie figures.

I never got him.

I was creeped out at how much Cliffjumper looks like Satan from the cover of Iron Maiden's Number of the Beast album. Then I realized-It's the "Battle Damaged Baby Robot Jesus" versus "Baby Robot Satan" giftset! They battle for your electric soul!

Apparently the Wal-Mart extra was actually just the prequel comic in slideshow format and voiced over by Peter Cullen, so I don't think you're missing anything. I got the Robot Heroes pack too, and I'm quite happy with it.

I understood it to be a separate animated piece.

If all it was was just a voice over I'm happy I got the Robot Heroes versions.

Yep, I've read on numerous sites that the Wal-Mart exclusive DVD that came with the movie was a big letdown.

Is it fully animated or is it stills from the prequel comic narrated? I don't think its fair to only release something like that at one place. Well, it might be fair but it bugs the crap out of me. I got the Future Shop exclusive that came in a nice black tin case with the Decepticon logo on it. If I had known about the walmart exclusive I would have bought that instead...

Ack...I totally missed an above post about the prequel just being the comic. Thats what I get for not wearing my glasses.


I believe that this is what you was looking for...

Bruticus: Hell... is that Welker doing Megs??? It sure sounds like him!!!

Yep, Frank Welker it is...

Go to and download and install Vdownloader and you can rip films straight off Youtube...

You wouldn't believe how handy that comes in...

wait a minute. besides the walmart exclusive 5 pack robot heros, there were more with the peter cullen voice over dealy? did i miss a couple?

These were pack-ins with the Best Buy version of the DVD.

oh no. nm. i just misread something from above thats all. nah yeah i have these figs already. i almost missed out if it wasn't for my friend being one of the doormen @ bb. stupid me, i waited to the last damn minute. i checked out the movie robot hero wave 2 set. i have half of them already. one question though nala. even though the packaging says "protoform jazz" (w/ bonecrusher) do you think its a misprint? it really looks more like protoform prime to me. plus it would make perfect sense anyhow. i mean, they never made a protoform jazz toy to begin with. nor did they give protoform jazz much time on the screen. i think its prime. because if you look at it, 1. they make a deluxe protoform prime. 2. he had about 2 or 3 min on screen(crash landing into the pool and hiding from the little girl and her parents) and 3., the new prime (yes, with the sculpted lips on his head)packaged with scorponok, has his body sculpted after the movie leader class toy. so if they did that they probably sculpted that robot hero after the protoform optimus. or maybe it could be that even hasbro thought that this time they made one too many repaints and/or character versions of prime so they call it protoform jazz to make a couple trans-fans happy.

Just to say that it's Ironhide that crashes into the pool...

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