"Do not fear the lxians... They can make the machines, but they no longer can make arafel."


Is it morally reprehensible act to have spent a long time avoiding so-called sequel books to a book that you consider on par with the the Dhamapadda and or even the parts of the Torah, Mahabharata, and possibly even the New Testament if you only take the book out of the library to see truly how bad it is because what you've accidentally read on the internets made you laugh so hard that you know it can't possibly tarnish in any shape way or form what the author originally intended regardless of the fact that the author's son says he is using notes supposedly left by the author when you know that the author probably would never have written something so laughable or something so childish and basic when compared with everything he wrote before?

If you don't give the hack writers any actual money and you read it just "for a laugh" will you be forced to read more of the hack writers' works if you end up in an afterlife?


My opinion has recently been changed on this but Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson should be shot on sight for what they've turned the Dune universe into...

As far as i'm concerned the story started with "Dune" and ended unfinished with "Chapterhouse Dune" and that's all there is to it...

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