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Well the house inspection turned up some major issues that I want the seller to fix.

I don't know if they will or not, but if I walk away they'll legally have to declare the basement wall structural issues as well as that the roof leaks and has broken rafters and that the garage should be totally written off. (The garage might survive a few years still but the walls are severely bowing and have pulled away from the foundation in some places.) Are they willing to lose a potential sale over a matter of $2500?

Honestly, if I'd offered full price in the first place I'd probably be asking for a whole lot more!

We'll see what happens over the next few days.

Oh. And I got an email today.

Number 2000 is on the way!!!

What's funny is that with the new house I'll immediately need to reduce that to around 500 or less.

There won't be a 3000 anytime in the future. That's a definite!



Sounds like an old house. I wonder if today's houses will be able to stand in 2087 with cracked walls or broken rafters? I doubt it. I'm VERY curious, for instance, to see what the vaunted composite joists will look like in 80 years. Too much engineering can bite you in the butt. I ought to know, it's what I do.

The rafters shouldn't be too hard to fix, actually. Drill some holes and bolt a section of timber right beside. I wonder what broke them...snow load, I imagine.

Don't tear that garage down until you know what the zoning laws are like. Here, a lot of those old garages are built right on the property line (or maybe right over the property line), but an owner can tear it down completely, then rebuild it, and the zoning is grandfathered, so long as the size isn't more than 125% of the original garage (i.e. can now hold a Model A instead of a Model T). I don't think it works that way if you buy the property with no garage on it. Of course this is a completely different corrupt-governed lake city. Hey, aren't they all?

Good luck reducing the TF collection by 1500, but I think perhaps you might want to shoot for something less drastic at first. Softlee softlee catchee monkee. Of course, you probably have more space problems than I do, with my collection being smaller (but still rather more than it should be, perhaps) and completely unboxed.

Cordially yours:
Autobus Prime
w/minicon Farebox.

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