T-Minus 4 hours...


In less then 4 hours the House of Love III will no longer be mine.

In less than 6 hours the House of Love IV will be mine and I'll take possession.

Funny how things work like that. And... all in less than a month!

This'll probably be the last post on any blog for day or so. The broadband will get shut off and transfered later today but there's entirely too much to do in the next 48 hours to both with trying to get the wireless router and all operational.

Plus, I'll be losing the use of my desktop PC, until I get the new N-Router and make this PC wireless for the new house. All the real work gets done on the desktop while all the low quality aimless blogging occurs on my laptop while I'm laying in bed or some shit.

Anyway, the house is a disaster.

Moving: Messy living room.

Total chaos in pretty much every room with no room totally empty.

I don't know if I have to thank Set, Boreas, Rudra, or even that asshole Thor but the damn rain has finally stopped. It seems to have rained sometime last night too!

Moving: A van barely packed

The truck barely looks packed even. As soon as I'm done with this post it'll be back to work until closing time.

It is finally hitting me that I am leaving the house that I've sank so much of my effort into.

It isn't a bad feeling since I know that the new neighborhood will hopefully eliminate all of my problems (vandalism, noise, trash, OSU game day, noise, retarded 20-somethings, roving bands of aimless vermin teens, trash, noise, etc.) but there is something very melancholy about it all.

No matter how much things change, this will have been my first house. And I'll never forget it.

I'll never forget the year of work on the basement, the dinners, the Labor Day cookouts, and pierogi day here. And hopefully 3 out of 4 of those will continue at the HOL4.

But you know what I think I'll miss most of all?

Something that greets me everytime I go and let the Hoont outside.

The tree limb that looks like a dong!

The tree limb that looks like a dong!

Yup! The tree limb that looks like a huge flaccid dong hanging high above my yard!

I think it is a cosmic marker that a total dick lives below!

Or maybe I'm just reading into that.


Uh huh.

You're just lucky you didn't get a cult of penis worshippers outside your house like what happens anytime anything that looks vaguely like Jesus appears.

Good luck with the move dude and i know it doesn't feel like it now but in a few months time you'll look back and think "totally worth it"...

*Mr states the bloody obvious leaves via stage left*


If it was your tree, I'd tell you to get a saw and save it...but no. It's better to leave the penis tree for posterity.

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