I'm surprised.


I'm actually kind of shocked that I've been finding the movie Protoform Prime design, especially in this new Robot Heroes version, really appealing.

Every day I like it more and more... better than any actual movie figure.

Oh well.

Got 2001 the other day too.


Long-time reader, first time commenter. So...hi.

The thread over at tfw2005 has that figure listed as protoform Jazz, though it does look an awful lot like Prime. Either way it's a nice figure, and I'm interested to see if we'll get more protoform variants of other characters.


That's the inherent problem with most of the movie figures: they all end up kind of looking too similar.

I know your looking to reduce your numbers but I just spotted the last wave of Target Scouts in the store today. I'm in the middle of nowhere and surprised more of these haven't been seen.

Anyway picked up Elita-1, hoping there will be something left later next week and I can pick up the other two.

You mean besides the fact that all of them have ugly, ugly faces?

Why do you hate... oh nevermind.

On the other hand, The Jazz repaint is the closest I'll get to a Classics version, once I get around to looking for it, and reprolabels came through again:


because that's what I was planning on doing with Ironhide anyway. And deluxe Brawl is passable as a Classics version of the combaticon.

See? Not all hate. Just mostly.

It's a pity they're sticking to the characters which were in the movie. I'd prefer a RH Arcee to another Bumblebee...

RH version of Movie-toy Arcee, that is. Maybe she'll be in the sequel?

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