House of Love IV?


This is the one!!!

So the original house has issues. Major issues.

Of course, if you've ever owned a house or went out looking you know that initial appearances can be quite off.

Suffice to say that the inspection is the best money you can spend to help you make your decision about a property.

The house would need major money put into it to bring it to even remotely the price that they were asking, and then it probably still would not be satisfactory.

Now this morning I put an offer in on another place (pic above) that totally meets our needs and has a solid garage and from all appearances a solid new roof.

It is sans 1 bedroom but the other 3 are also larger.

I've had to make the same offer on this one that I did on the other since that's pretty much my maximum.

I'm so hoping they accept.

Tomorrow's the appraisal at the House of Love and we have to find a place that meets our needs.

I definitely think the new one will.

And then some!


any word? I found it's SO PRETTY. It's totally the house I've always wanted. :)

I simultaneously want to vomit and cry. And sleep. Sleep would be good, too. I think I'm having stress management issues.

And I want to hug Kelmeister, too. But not while vomiting.


Looks nice. I'd have to look around a little.

I'd agree that one should always get the home inspection, though in our case it was no more than a $300 formality, since my previous inspection was actually a bit more thorough than the inspector's. You don't play home handyman on old houses all your life without soaking up a thing or two besides paint thinner. In fact, I pretty much went over every house our realtors showed us - about a dozen, I think - with a fine comb.

Poor realtors. They were new to the business, and after a while they didn't even try to say much; just stood there and looked dismal. They did get us a pretty nice house, in the end.

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