Good news and even gooder news!


I've decided that the problems with the house are just too great to deal with.

Collapsing garage, roof problems, structural problems, the list truly goes on and on.

And while it looks ok on the outside, it lacks any sense of soul or charm and has nothing remotely quirky about it.

The cost to repair the work is just too great and not worth it.

So that's the good news.

Want the gooder news???

I found a house one block over that is a thousand times better!!!

Now there's no guarantee that they'll accept my offer, but in this market, a buyer that is ready to go and is ready to close in 2 weeks is a solid opportunity. It is a tad bit more and I can only offer what I have for the crappy house.

More news later.

I make an offer tomorrow at 9am.


I wonder if anyone has ever closed on a house with 1,000 toy robots as part of the down payment.

Too bad I didn't have time to do the proper sell-off I planned.

I could really use the money right now.

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