Beast Wars Tigatron (10th Anniversary TakaraTomy Reissue)


Beast Wars Tigatron (10th Anniversary TakaraTomy Reissue)

I gave up trying to get an original bright white Takara Tigatron a long time ago.

I just don't get why Hasbro painted theirs in such an off-white cream color.

Craptastic it was.

Beast Wars Tigatron is the the 1999th Transformer that I've acquired.


i am holding my breath waiting to see number 2000! what could it be??

will 2000th be the house of love IV

You should pool your visitors to see who Crack 2K will be. Possibly the 6 ft. Prime Statue? It would look great at HOL IV!!!

I think I did do something like that a while back.

Can't remember what the outcome was.

However, I hate statues and busts and stuff like that. I'd have to pass.

The HOL IV should be the 2000th addition to the collection. What's better than somewhere to store and show off the other 1999 ?

That's really weird. Last year I managed to get a Takara Tigatron from an eBay seller for $10, and he had about three left when I did. . .

My guess is a Titanium figure (for your 2000th).

What's going to be funny is when you go and unpack all of your crack and recount and discover that you actually passed 2,000 back around TF Movie Dreadwing and it becomes very anti-climatic.

Selling your house and reaching 2000 'round the same time? damn,nice work.

Heavyarms: The current count has always been an approximate. Close. But approximate.

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