As Galaxy 500's Today plays... Nala packs...


Packing: Tackling the Spooky Attic

I'm trying to bring everything I shoved back into the attic closets out and throw stuff out and pack the rest.

When I started binning up all the robot crackage I kind of just threw everything into the closets and then Giga made those cheap sheets curtains to hide it all.

Thankfully the toys are all packed. That'd be drama I wouldn't want to add to everything else.

Packing: All the glassware getting wrapped.

Giga's done an immense job packing up the kitchen and all the glass shit. We have boxes upon boxes of it stacked in the dining room.

Thankfully most of the basement, with the exception of the tools, is more or less packed up

I'm just going to flip my cheap ass crate wall that I use in the attic and move those as-is too.

The more I pack, the more I realize I'm going to miss this house.

Packing: The Hoont is underfoot during the chaos.

I'm pretty sure The Hoont knows somethings afoot other than his bad-ass self. There's so much shit everywhere packed up in this or that corner.


Just a thought, since I haven't been here for that long... Do you and Giga share the mortgage? How do you guys know each other? Childhood buddies, college buddies, just bumped into each other in the street and said, "Hey, lets buy a house together!"?

Call me nosey if you want, it's a very English trait! :oD


Best of luck with the upcoming move dude ...

offtopic: I know you're a Shockwave fan and i dont know if you've seen this yet, but i thought i'd bring it to your attention just in case.

take care

Max: Indeed. That is the finest Shockwave I've seen. Jin has recently commented here too.

Giga's actually a welfare mother with a long history of defrauding the system. We haven't turned her in yet because of the blackmail money we receive after she cashes her first-of-the-month checks. Nala and Giga are getting the house using their ill-gotten gains, but have promised to host quarterly "sexy parties" for us, since as taxpayers we are pretty much paying for the house.

Rumor has it that the neighborhood association has already been in touch with City Council about this weekend's anticipated precipitous fall in home values once we finish moving Giga and Nala and their toys and their seven children (not all Nala's) into the house. But knowing Giga and Nala, they "know people" who will be able to take care of any "disputes," so there's really nothing to worry about as far as needing to move again right away, except of course if Giga's pimp shows up. He's just bad news.

Seven? I dispute that. I've only ever seen 3. However, their parentage is in question, because none of them look anything like Nala.

Because I was the surrogate. Being that I'm from Canada, it was decided that refugee orphans would generate enough sympathy to avoid probing questions.

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